Progression of Degrees


Within the Institution of Freemasonry are two rites; York Rite and Scottish Rite. International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of Eastern Star is a York Rite Order due to it having as a base the principles of Christianity that members must agree to abide by. We are a religious fraternal organization, which remains mindful of other beliefs that members may subscribe to. The progress from one degree to another degree is explained below. For the benefit of educating our members within the organization as well as those trying to gain an understanding, we are providing a description for both Rites.

Scottish Rite Masonry is the champion of individual freedoms and citizenship rights as well as responsibilities. The Scottish Rite Mason is urged to take an active leadership role in the promotion and protection of individual rights: government by democracy, free speech and press, equitable treatment before the law, freedom of religion and the individual, and separation of church and state.

York Rite Masonry in its conferring Degrees or being an Order is the champion of Christianity. A man must pledge to defend Christianity to become a Knights Templar Freemason in the York Rite Order. Good men of other religions (Jews, Moslems, Hindus, etc.) believing in Deity may become Scottish Rite Masons as well. York Rite Freemasonry has three separate and autonomous Bodies: Chapter, Council, and Commandery. These Bodies each have their own rituals and structure for conducting meetings. One may hear the term Blue House, Red House, and Black House; each of these represents a set of degrees one has acquired. The officer's lines are not much different from Blue Lodge, however they have different titles. The top officer in the three Bodies are respectively called Grand Master, High Priest, and Eminent Commander. As the title Brother is used in the Blue Lodge, the title Companion is used in the Royal Arch Chapter and Council and the title Sir Knight is used in the Commandery.

The Scottish Rite's structure is hierarchical and oaths of loyalty are required to the Order’s national leaders whereas the York Rite is democratic in its policy and requires the vote and participation of its members for leaders to be put into place. Hence, International Masons and Eastern Stars' officers are all elected by their respective membership bodies.

Within International Mason's structure, once an individual has reached the top of the York Rite Order, there is a cross over to the Scottish Rite Order to become a Shriner, be invited into the 32nd Degree Consistory, and ultimately an invitation into the 33rd Degree Council, which is titled the Sovereign Grand Inspector General. Below are tables for both men and women who desire to progress beyond the Blue House and the time frame between each degree period.

Mason Progression of Degrees

You must also be in good financial standing with the previous house before advancing.

EA, FC, MM (Blue House)

Time between degrees vary

King Solomon’s Council

90 days after becoming MM*

Royal Arch (Red House)

Six months after King Solomon

Knights Templar (Black House)

Six months after Royal Arch

CROSSOVER: From York Rite to Scottish Rite


Six months after Knights Templar

32nd Degree Consistory

Six months after Shriner

33rd Degree Council


* For those brothers desiring to climb higher, you must become a member of the King Solomon's Council.


OES Progression of Degrees

You must also be in good financial standing with the previous house before advancing.

Order of Eastern Star

Queen of the South

90 days after OES Initiation*

Exalted Degree

Six months after QOS

Lady Knight Degree

Six months after Exalted Degree


Six months after Lady Knight Degree

Royal Ladies

Six months in between any degree but before Rose of 7 Seals

Rose of Seven Seals


* For those sisters desiring to climb higher, you must become a member of the Queen of the South.