We are


Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Incorporated
and Order of the Eastern Star
USA • Bahamas • Puerto Rico • Liberia

International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star

Dr. William Venoid Banks (Founder) developed the idea of a Fraternal Order based on Christian principles, values and beliefs in August 1950. International Masons owned the first Black TV Station in the USA (WGPR TV-62) and currently owns WGPR Hot 107.5 FM in Detroit, Michigan. 

Our History

International Masons adheres to the ancient moral principles and landmarks of Freemasonry developed in England back in the 1700’s. Due to advancements in technology, information sharing, and societal norms; things were modified in order to remain current and allow us to offer modern benefits to our members and society as a whole.


Our Fraternal Order is comprised of Masons, Eastern Stars, and Youth who serve in leadership roles on all levels. We have Supreme (National), National District (Regional), Grand (State) and Local Leaders who are responsible for providing guidance and leadership to the members within those Departments. 

Conventions & Meetings

Members within their local Masonic Lodges, Order of the Eastern Star Chapters, or Youth Courts come together to meet regularly. They learn the principles of our Order and participate in local events/activities. We also have Supreme, National District, and Grand Conventions as well for members to attend and learn more.

Supreme President/CEO’s Welcome Message

Welcome to IFAMM

We are International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star. We are a world class Religious Fraternal Order. We take good men and women, provide them with tools, education, and resources that make them better and stronger. Our youth stand at our backs, pushing us to be better, thus leaving a strong legacy. 

Our members clean up neighborhoods, feed the hungry and provide scholarships to students in need. We are defined by the contributions they make both privately and publicly. We embody purpose, spark passion and inspire progress.

We are living, breathing and overflowing with a commitment to always do better than our yesterday. Our brotherhood and sisterhood continues to be strong and moving forward. It is now IFAMM’s time to rise and carry our story for another 73 years. We are “God’s Brand of Freemasonry!

Are you interested in joining our Fraternal Order?

Let’s go to the meeting?


Supreme “Big 5” Conventions

The Big 5 are: Leadership Development Conference, Supreme Convention, Imperial Shrine Convention, Supreme Exalted Degree Conclave, and Supreme Marshal Convention


National District Conventions

We have five National (Regional) Districts comprised of various states: Eastern, East Central, Midwest, Gulf Coast, and Southeast. Members are encouraged to attend their Region’s Conveniton.


Grand “State” Sessions

Local Lodges, OES Chapters and Youth Courts are part of a State/District whereby Annual Meetings are held to hear Annual Reports from Leaders, fellowship, and receive education. 

Most Worshipful George Mathews Supreme Grand Lodge

Illustrious Bobbie J. Meeks, 33º
Supreme Grand Master

The Most Worshipful George Mathews Supreme Grand Lodge serves the entire Brotherhood within our Fraternal Order. From the Supreme Grand Lodge Officers, Supreme Masonic Leaders, Grand Masters all the way down to the Tyler – we are here  for all Brothers.

Pernella Tubbs Supreme Grand Chapter

Sister Monique C. Walton
Supreme Grand Matron

The Pernella Tubbs Supreme Grand Chapter (PTSGC) is the governing body of the Order of the Eastern Star within International Masons. The OES was designed to serve among women the same purpose as that of Freemasonry among men.


Our Charity Work

Service is at the heart of what we believe in.

Illustrious Kenneth L. Hollowell, 33º – Supreme President/CEO

Our members see a need and work to fulfill it.

– IFAMMCares Minnesota Service Project

Why I Joined

Sense of family and love.

True Brotherly love and Sisterly affection.

Opportunities to travel and fellowship.

Leadership growth and development (personal & professional).

Fraternal Order that gives a second chance.

How can we serve you

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