Masonic Degree
Department leadership

Masonic Degree Department Leaders

Within International Masons are a number of departments led by Masons, including degree departments from an Entered Apprentice to the 33rd and Last Degree.

We have provided a list of each Masonic Department Leader along with a brief overview of their role and functions. Should you be interested in knowing more about a specific department, their role or need to make an inquiry, please do not hesitate to email us.

Illustrious Bobbie J.
Meeks, 33°

Supreme Grand Master
/1st Vice President

 Serves as the head of the Most Worshipful George Mathews Supreme Grand Lodge.

Illustrious Floyd
Jenkins, Jr., 33°

Supreme King Solomon

Oversees the Layton Swinney Supreme King Solomon and Worthy Patron’s Council.

Illustrious Wellington
Rolle, 33°

Supreme Sovereign of Masons

Serves as the head for the Illustrious Cleveland Rice Exalted Degree – Masons Department.

Illustrious James
Green, 33°

Imperial Potentate

Oversees the Turner S. Hartfield Imperial Council of the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

Illustrious Brock
Power, 33°

Supreme Commander In Chief

Serves as the leader for the Illustrious James O. Dogan Consistory, inclusive of all Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret.

Illustrious Eddie B.
Walker, 33°

Most Puissant
Sovereign Grand Commander

Oversees the Holy Empire 33° and Last Degree Council of both the First 33 and all Honorary Members of the 33° Degree.

Illustrious Rashid
Castle-Ali, 33°

Supreme Youth Grand Master

Serves as the leader for the Levernis Brown Supreme Youth Department overseeing all male divisions of Youth Courts within local, State and National Districts.

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