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Department leadership

OES Degree Department Leaders

Within International Masons are a number of departments led by members of the Order of the Eastern Star (i.e., Eastern Stars), including degree departments from the Foundation to the Rose of Seven Seals Auxiliary.

We have provided a list of each OES Department Leader along with a brief overview of their role and function. Should you be interested in knowing more about a specific department, their role or need to make an inquiry, please do not hesitate to email us.

Sister Monique C. Walton
Supreme Grand Matron

Serves as the leader for the Pernella Tubbs Supreme Grand Chapter.

Princess Barbara Moultrie-Garrett
Supreme Queen Bathsheba

Serves as the leader for the Most Sovereign Supreme Dorothy Riley Queen of the South Department overseeing the Princesses of the Queen of the South Palaces and Department throughout the entire Order for the sisterhood.

Daughter Waconda McIntyre
Supreme Sovereign of Stars

Serves as the leader for the Lillian Gill Supreme Exalted Degree Department inclusive of the Heroines of Jericho and Amaranths.

Daughter Patricia J. Hollowell
Imperial Commandress

Oversees the Annie L. Thompson Imperial Court, inclusive of the Daughters of Isis and Daughters of Sphinx.

Lady Knight Betty Beasley Williams
Supreme Chief Counselor

Serves as the leader for the Jean Stanton Brown Supreme Lady Knights Auxiliary, inclusive of the Lady Knights of Templar Department.

Royal Lady LaDena Mouling
Supreme Royal Lady

Oversees the Sarah Jackson Supreme Royal Ladies Department which is inclusive of Royal Ladies within the Order.

Rose Phyllis Ferguson
Supreme Most Excellent Rose

Serves as the leader of the Supreme Rose of Seven Seals College, the last degree within OES.

Rose Peachie Tresvant
Supreme Most Esteemed Auxiliary Director

Oversees the Supreme Rose of Seven Seals Auxiliary, inclusive of women who have been invited to be a member of the Supreme Rose of Seven Seals Auxiliary.

Sister Tabitha Wright
Supreme Youth Grand Matron

Serves as the leader for the Alline Mathews Supreme Youth Department overseeing all female divisions of Youth Courts within local, State and National Districts.

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