supreme clergy council

Our History

International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star’s Clergy Council has been a part of the structure of our Fraternal Order since its founding in 1950. Dr. William Venoid Banks, Founder was also an Ordained Baptist Minister who ensured the Gospel of Christ was brought forth in all meetings. For all of our Grand, National District and Supreme Conventions, Devotion is brought forth by members of the Clergy Council, prayer is done and a Sermonette is to the body from an Ordained Minister.

IFAMM OES’ Supreme Clergy Council is comprised of Masons and Stars who are members of the Clergy (a clergyman or clergywoman) and are ordained members of a religious order. They provide ordination papers to show their good standing within their Chuch environment. We conduct religious worship, perform spiritual functions associated with religious faith, and aid in the spiritual well-being of the Membership Body.

IFAMM OES Clergy members provide spiritual, personal and moral guidance and assistance to our Fraternal Order members, and will offer encouragement to those facing hardship or illness. The Extended Hands Program are those who are interested in supporting and/or becoming part of the Clergy, but have not been ordained. Our goal is to be of service to the Supreme President/CEO as well as all Supreme, National District, Grand and Local Leaders as well as members, both seasoned and new.

Our duties within the Order are:

  • give advice to leaders and members regarding their spiritual and emotional needs;
  • carry out prayers and devotion at Conventions and Meetings;
  • think of ways to improve the Clergy Council membership;
  • organize and engage in community, civic, educational, and recreational activities;
  • organize and participate in fundraising activities to support Membership activities;
  • plan and lead religious education programs for the Membership;
  • respond to crisis situations; and
  • supervise the Clergical work of Council Members and volunteers. 

As we grow and develop our department and expand its membership, we invite those who are interested in helping to build and strength the Christian principles upon which we are founded to consider submitting an Application for Clergy Council which is located below. We welcome those who believe in the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man. 

Our beliefs are firmly rooted in the Bible and our members practice charitable and service to all mankind. Our intentions are to induce an ethical way of life which brings about those improvements necessary to the construction of good, clean respected citizenship.

Dr. Anita Clarke-Richards serves as the Director of the Supreme Clergy Council with a long line of honorable men and women whose shoulders she stands on. For more information about the Clergy Council or to become a member of this Department, please Download the application below or send email to


Rev. Leamon Hines
Past Clergy Council Director

Dr. Barbara Hawkins-Powell
Past Clergy Council Director

Rev. John Henry Neal, Jr.
Clergy Council Director

Dr. Anita Clarke-Richards
Clergy Council Director

Forms and Documents

You must be a member in good standing with your Local Lodge/Chapter and King Solomon’s Council/Queen of the South Palace for Membership to the Supreme Clergy Council. Please return this form along with fees to Dr Anita Clarke-Richards, Supreme Clergy Council Director at 940 Sutter Avenue • Brooklyn, New Yrok 11207

Are you interested in joining our Fraternal Order?